Making Learning Real with Problem-Based Case Learning
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Problem Based Case Learning Basics

What Is Problem Based Case Learning (PBCL)?

The PBCL approach enables educators to design scenario-based learning situations based on current and authentic problematic situations encountered at local businesses. By bringing real-time, real-world business needs to their students, instructors can significantly minimize the barriers that typically separate the classroom from the real world.

Where Is It Used?

What Does It Include?

PBCL serves as a curriculum organizer, toolkit, and instructional strategy to support the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes needed in the workforce. Among the components of PBCL that instructors find valuable are:

What Are Its Benefits?

PBCL's benefits extend from the individual student, to the community, and on to the broader economy.

Benefits to Students learn more arrow_down

Students participating in PBCL:

  • Demonstrate improved learning and retention of course content
  • More effectively transfer knowledge, skills, and attitudes to new environments and situations
  • Build problem-solving, communication, critical thinking, and teamwork skills essential in the workplace

Benefits to Instructors learn more arrow_down

Instructors participating in PBCL:

  • Are better able to create and manage a highly effective classroom environment, regardless of their experience level
  • Are better able to prepare their students for subsequent STEM education and for the workplace
  • Find their work more enjoyable and stimulating

Benefits to Business Partners learn more arrow_down

Business Partners participating in PBCL:

  • Help develop a better-prepared future workforce by contributing to the development of learning experiences
  • Gain the unique opportunity to groom and recruit talent
  • Acquire additional resources to address and resolve current business needs
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Problem-Based Case Learning transpires in the overlapping concerns of students, instructors, and business partners.