Making Learning Real with Problem-Based Case Learning
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Community Connections

Is PBCL new for you and you’re interested in finding out more? Or are you already using PBCL in the classroom and looking for additional resources and a community of practice?

The PBCL staff, including the group responsible for this web site and successful practitioners at Nashville State Community College and other institutions, can introduce you to professional development opportunities and online resources, and connect you with existing communities of practice. These communities will provide an opportunity to work with other PBCL practitioners. On this page you'll find what you need to contact the PBCL staff, to join the PBCL community, and to learn about upcoming PBCL events.

Contact PBCL Staff

Contact the PBCL staff to share your ideas and request information. We want to hear from you.

Join the PBCL Community

These links will take you to two communities of educators who are using PBCL:

Ruth Loring and Jim Johnson
NSCC instructor Dale Rogers joins PBCL developers Ruth Loring and Jim Johnson at a community conference.