Making Learning Real with Problem-Based Case Learning


Making Learning Real, a production of WGBH Educational Foundation, is hosted by the SC ATE National Resource Center for Expanding Excellence in Technician Education.

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Jim Johnson, Ed.D.

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Ruth M. Loring, Ph.D.

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David McNeel

Featured Instructors

Beverly Bradley

After receiving a degree in music and working in the music industry, Beverly Bradley held staff and administrative positions in higher education while studying to become a computer programmer. Then, while working in information technology, Beverly discovered that she enjoyed training her coworkers. In 1999, Beverly transferred her training skills to an academic environment when she began teaching for the Computer Information Systems department at Nashville State Technical Community College.

John Magill

John Magill started teaching just after receiving his master's degree in agricultural education. Several years later, however, after working as a high school teacher and county extension agent for the Iowa State Extension Service, he returned to his family's farm, where he worked for the next 20 years. While farming, John began creating websites for local retail businesses. This led him to start teaching information technology courses at Iowa Western Community College in 1997.

Dale Rogers

After receiving a degree in mechanical drafting and design, Dale Rogers worked as a corporate trainer for users of 3-D computer-aided drafting and design software applications. He transitioned to a broader software applications training role and then became a program coordinator and web master in higher education. Dale began teaching for the Department of Visual Communications at Nashville State Community College (NSCC) in 2005 and obtained his master's degree in education (e-learning technology and design) in 2006. He is now the program coordinator for NSCC's Multimedia Design program.

Jack Wallace

A licensed architect for much of his career, Jack Wallace had little teaching experience until he joined the faculty of Nashville State Community College (NSCC) in 2008. He's currently the coordinator of the Architectural, Civil and Construction Engineering Technology program at NSCC and teaches several architectural engineering technology courses.


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