Making Learning Real with Problem-Based Case Learning

The PBCL Stages in the Classroom

These videos illustrate how the Problem Based Case Learning (PBCL) Cycle uses real world business situations as the context for learning. These videos correspond with each of the courses introduced on the Four Classrooms page. While the videos focus on particular stages of the PBCL Cycle, they also show students flowing comfortably and productively between the stages using critical thinking strategies.

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The PBCL Stages in the Classroom video

Making Learning Real

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Download a more detailed description of the stages of the PBCL Cycle (PDF).

What I've noticed is that as students are actually working the case in the classroom, they will look at the PBCL Cycle and say, "Have we checked all of our resources?" Or when they're using the Need to Know Board, they'll say, "Wait a minute! We’re making an assumption here." And I see them actually pointing to the column that says, "Assumptions." So I'm seeing evidence that the PBCL Cycle and the practical tools we provide help structure the learning process in a way that reflects the real world.

—Ruth M. Loring, Ph.D.
Senior Project Leader
Innovation in Teaching and Learning

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