Making Learning Real with Problem-Based Case Learning

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Making Learning Real with Problem-Based Case Learning

What is PBCL?

The PBCL Cycle At-a-glance (animated diagram)

Insights from the Field

Student Insights (video)

Instructor Insights (video)

Problem Based Case Learning Basics

Why It Works (video)

How is PBCL Different?

PBCL in the Classroom

Four Classrooms

Jack Wallace’s Classroom (video)

Beverly Bradley’s Classroom (video)

Dale Rogers’s Classroom (video)

John Magill’s Classroom (video)

The PBCL Stages in the Classroom

Course/Business Matching (video)

Framing a Situation for the Classroom (video)

The Situation/Problem Analysis (video)

Problem Analysis/Field Insights (video)

Field Insights (video)

Resource Development (video)

Test Points (video)

Evidence of Learning (video)

Feedback & Evaluation (video)

Feedback & Evaluation: Guest Expert (video)

Teamwork (video)

Thinking About Evaluation (video)

Creating a Business Partnership (video)

Training & Community

Support for Instructors

Professional Development & Coaching Programs for Problem Based Case Learning

Community Connections

The Case Files

Resources & Tools

PBCL Design Tool (PDF)

Need to Know Board (PDF)

Habits of Mind Checklist (PDF)

Useful Resources for Finding Business Partners (PDF)

Scoring Rubric for Presentations (PDF)

PBCL Professional Development and Coaching (PDF)

Indicators of PBCL (PDF)

The Stages of the PBCL Cycle (PDF)

Thinking Through the PBCL Cycle: Prompts for Thought (PDF)

Assessing Teamwork (PDF)

Observation Form (PDF)

Learning Log (PDF)

Checking for Understanding (PDF)




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