Making Learning Real with Problem-Based Case Learning

Orientation Introduction


Welcome to the Orientation Workshop. The purpose of this workshop is to familarize yourself with Problem-Based Case Learning (PBCL). The key to PBCL is the authentic business problem from a real world business partner. The idea is to put students into problematic situations that will allow them to gain real world work experience.

Learning Objectives

The Orientation Workshop will introduce you to the basics of PBCL using the resources of the Making Learning Real website. The following items will be covered:


An Introduction to PBCL

Please review the video to the right and the following content from the Making Learning Real (MLR) Website:

The Theories behind PBCL

The following MLR content provides expert interviews, external web resources, and references documenting the underlying learning theory of PBCL:

Engaging a Business Partner

The page Course/Business Matching will introduce you to the importance of the real business partner in the PBCL process and include interviews and resources for how to get started.

Observe an Immersion Activity

The immersion activity begins on page The Situation. You will be introduced to the ABC Nightline broadcast of the Deep Dive which illustrates the IDEO design process. You will be shown how the PBCL Learning Cycle can provide a structure to the organic design process of IDEO. It will illustrate how you can use PBCL cycle to provide a structure to what looks like a chaotic process in your classroom. You will also use MLR resources to view how instructors are currently using PBCL tools in the classroom to provide that structure.


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