Making Learning Real with Problem-Based Case Learning

Resource Development

In the process of analyzing the problem, the team must also begin the development of resources. In the following two videos, two faculty, in different disciplines, illustrate how students assess their progress, gather additional information, make revisions, and identify possible solutions.

Please review the following two videos on Resource Development and Test Points:

Resource Development

The following video captures Dale Rogers' class in the process of designing a web site for their client, Laurie Roe.

Test Points

The second video captures Jack Wallace's class in the process of designing a building for the Nashville State Community College campus. Jack's client in this case is a campus building committee.

Deep Dive Resource Development

In the Deep Dive video, IDEO created different groups and they went off and researched different issues assigned to them, interviewed the experts (users), and developed prototypes based on their focus.

Then, the team came together and they voted on the best ideas from each of the prototypes. From that vote, they ended up with a concept for the main protoype of the shopping cart.

Test Points

The test points in the video showed the team coming together and voting on the best ideas of the each of the groups prototypes and coming up with a final concept of the shopping cart. Then, the final prototype was created and unveiled.

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Resource Development is about gathering additional information and begin assessments of possible solutions.

Test Points is about determining the solution to the problematic situation. There are many ways to do this and the Deep Dive video shows one way to come to a final solution.